WP_20151024_13_31_34_Pro.jpgJacob J. Nammar  was born on May 16, 1941 in Jerusalem, Palestine. As a young man he enjoyed the pleasure of participating in sports to include swimming and basketball.

In 1964, Jacob moved to the United States to pursue a higher education.  In 1967 he earned his Bachelor’s Degree and in 1969 he earned his Master’s Degree, both in International Relations/Business from North Dakota State University and attended the University of Wisconsin Graduate School in Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1970-1974 Jacob went on to become the Executive Director for the YMCA in St. Paul, Minnesota. Later in 1975-1978 he became the Middle East Manager of Ellerbe Architects, Engineers, and Planners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1979-1983 Jacob Nammar became Vice President, International, of Friedrich Air Conditioning Company in San Antonio, Texas. In 1984-1988 he became the Director International of Dixie-Narco, a Maytag Corporation in Williston, South Carolina. In 1991 Jacob returned to his position as Vice President, International for Friedrich Air Conditioning Company in San Antonio, Texas. Jacob Nammar then retired in 2006 and Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian was published six years later by the Olive Branch Press (Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.).

Jacob Nammar is multi-lingual with extensive international business experience and world wide travel. He is married and has three grown children. He is also an avid recreational golfer.

Jacob now currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and is a popular peace activist and speaker at Universities, Peace Organizations, Churches, and Book Clubs.


3 Responses to Biography

  1. Jacob,
    I am Fahima’s neice, Brenda. My Mother was Jack’s sister and she and Fahima were close while my Mom was living. I have admired your family for many years for your courage and foresight. How wonderful it is that you have put that story down for all to share. I am often saddened by the lack of understanding about the various cultures that make up this wonderful Country we all share and I can see that your book will help bring about much needed enlightenment. Brenda McClure

    • Jacob J Nammar says:

      Dear Brenda,

      Thank you for writing to me and your kind comments. It is a pleasure to hear from you and I hope to meet you some day soon. I admire your family, especially through my very close relationship to my sister Fahima and my neice Mary Anna. All my best wishes, Jacob

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