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  1. David Cain says:

    I am looking forward to reading your book.

    • Jacob J Nammar says:

      Thank you David. Very sorry for not responding sooner. My book will be printed third week in March and as soon as I receive the books, I will contact you for your signed copy.
      Best wishes, Jacob

  2. Fuad Abboud says:

    I just finished reading your book and found it very moving as I could relate to it on a personal level. my family fled Haifa in 1948 when I was under 10 years of age. I grew up in Lebanon but I always wondered how my life would have been different if my family had stayed put. Your memoirs helped answer that question for me.

    My older brother attended the Freres school in the old city until 1947. I spent many summers in Jerusalem (before 1948) with my uncle’s family who lived in the upper Baqaa’. Their children, who were much older than me, were active in the YMCA (tennis, swimming, dancing, etc.) I wonder if you knew them. Family name Bordcosh.

    I hope to get the chance to meet you.

    Fuad Abboud
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    • Jacob J Nammar says:

      Dear Fuad,

      It is a pleasure to hear from you and I am very happy that you found my book relates to your personal experience. I am very sorry that I don’t recollect the Bordcosh family, perhaps, I was too young at that time.

      Anyway, please view my website for more information at . You will find many reviews of my book–please note the one from Susan Abdulhawa, which she believes that my book “is not only one man’s autobiography, but it is a national narrative.” Thanks God that my book is very successful and now marketed worldwide.

      I also you love to meet you soon. All my best wishes,


  3. mazen kattan says:

    hello jacob!!
    my name is mazen kattan hope you still remember me from dixie narco days,,,,,
    great book!!indeed how can i get a copy?

    • Jacob J Nammar says:

      Hi Mazen,

      It is a pleasure to hear from you…it has been a long time! Please let me know where you live? If it is in the USA, I can mail you a signed copy directly from me with a very reasonable cost.

      In the meantime, best wishes. Jacob

  4. Joseph says:

    Hi Yacoob,
    I have just finished reading your outstanding book that has moved every fiber in my body. I have a large library of books about Palestine from numerous authors Palestinian and others. Your book is number one. Ala Rassi. I met you at the Y, I worked there, dated a general’s daughter with same result like your experience, went to St. Joseph school, alter boy at Terra Sancta, worked with Rizek, King David, friend of Anis family,I own a property and have friends in Beit Safafa……I can go on and on but prefer to do it on the phone. God bless you with a good health and keep up your extraordinary work.

    • Hi Joseph,
      What a pleasant surprise to hear from you…you brought back some wonderful memories from Al Quds and the Y’ !!! Thank you for your kind remarks about my book and I am very happy you enjoyed reading it.

      Where do you live now? I am in San Antonio, Texas and there is soooo much to catch up. I would love to visit with you on the telephone, please send me your number and your email to contact you.

      Best wishes,
      email :

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