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  Jacob J. Nammar

Poem by Dr. Saliba Sarsar, Professor of Political Science and Associate Vice President at Monmouth University. 

Jerusalem Witness: for Jacob J. Nammar 

I’m Ya‘coub of al-Quds,

the city of miracles, born

of Yousef Rashid and Tuma Marie

during the British Mandate.  The Nakba,

yes the Nakba wrecked our community,

our world.  Neighbors turned strangers,

strangers became the enemy.  Dispossessed,

robbed of our properties, our voices,

our dignity, we entered a new world

but with deep attachment to

our land,

our memories. 

We survived, telling

stories to our children.  The markings

will help them discover the way


Your last walk home “[t]hat dark moonless,

late-summer night” must have been lonely,

sad.  The breeze still whispers through

the olive leaves and St. John’s-bread

along the path.  Children — Israeli and

Palestinian — play in the Liberty Bell

Garden but the bell has yet to toll for

freedom.  The Jerusalem-Jaffa train,

which passed by your neighborhood,

has stopped.  The stately manors,

bearing stylized Arabic inscriptions,

no longer feel warm.  The living,

even the dead, are out of place ….

Don’t despair, let your spirit be

the zephyr guiding generations

in the Holy Land. 


Jacob J. Nammar
Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian: A Memoir
Olive Branch Press.

In a recent interview, Jacob J. Nammar said,
“I am a man with a broken heart. I am from
Jerusalem, my broken homeland, and Palestine
makes me weep.” His memoir is a warm tribute
to a loving and vibrant family that perseveres
in spite of facing increasing violence and
difficulties in their homeland.


February 21 2016.

Mr. Jacob Nammar, author of Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian: A Memoir (now in its second printing) will give a Palestinian perspective drawing on his experiences as a child growing up in Jerusalem during mid-century. Mr. Nammar will also lead an Encore Presentation in Grace Place from 12:10 – 1:30 p.m. for those interested in hearing more of his story and engaging him with questions and comments.

Contemporary Issues at Northwood’s Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas


I thought you “hit the ball out of the park.”  Even those with “challenging” questions, seemed to me, to be asking in a inquiring spirit (except for the comments of one person who, I believe, is out of step with most in our congregation). It seemed to me that our people recognized that you were speaking from somewhere deep in yourself and sharing experiences which could not be refuted. . .  I loved the comment one person made to me, “I guess I’ll have to take my ‘Support Israel’ bumper sticker off my car.” I am so excited about the impact – and influence – your book is having. (100 plus attended).


February 13, 2016

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February 4, 2016

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